1990 Fender Signature Edition 59 Stratocaster SOLD

Comments This has just arrived – a 1990 Fender Signature Edition 59 Stratocaster, in really great condition. With all original hardware and very little wear, this reproduction of a 1959 model is a great deal.

Leo Fender introduced the Stratocaster in 1954 as a step up from his wildly successful Telecaster, and both guitars have been in constant production. Originally built with a one-piece maple neck, in 1959 models started appearing with rosewood fingerboards.

This wonderful example features a translucent white finish and single-layer pickguard and backplate. It plays quite well and has a rich yet glassy tone.

Serial Number SE04111, built during 1990 at the Fender plant in Corona, California. The SE serial number prefix denotes the Signature Edition (introduced in 1982), and the 0 indicates 1990.
Pricing $1,099.00 with original hardshell case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard, no skunk stripe, truss rod adjuster at body end.
Frets Original frets, larger not vintage style, with very minor wear.
Body Classic 1959 contour Stratocaster body, likely ash.
Finish Original translucent gloss white finish in very good condition. There are a couple of small chips around the neck pocket.
Hardware/electronics All original, 59 reissue type parts. Kluson Deluxe type tuners with slotted heads, single string tree, pressed steel saddles, white single layer pickguard and backplate, 5-way switch, standard Stratocaster wiring. Original bridge cover is included!
Playability/Action This instrument plays very well as is, and being a Fender design can be set up to meet virtually any requirement.
Case Original hardshell rectangular case included.

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