1995 Fender Stratocaster Flip Flop Finish (consignment) SOLD

Here’s something cool and unusual – a 1995 Fender Stratocaster Flip Flop Finish, a custom colour that was available for a short time.
The Flip Flop finish offers a range of looks – what colour it shows depends on the viewing angle. From some directions, this instrument is blue or teal, from others, it’s trending to purple.

Underneath the custom finish is a 1995 Fender Stratocaster, with ash body and maple neck with original larger frets. The bridge is Fender’s excellent two-point trem unit.

The components are all original, though the backplate is missing and the lower tone knob is stripped and just turns- the control itself is fine.

This guitar has been played over the last 19 years, so there is some wear on the finish, with the usual wear around the edges of the fingerboard, but there is little fret wear and overall this instrument plays quite well.

This is a good playing, American-built Stratocaster, with an unusual look, at a great price.

Serial Number: N588972, built during 1995 at Fender’s plant in Corona, California, USA.

Pricing: $750.00 Canadian with Fender plastic shaped case.  SOLD

Status:  SOLD