1995 Sergei de Jonge 8-String Classical Guitar (consignment)

Comments Sergei de Jonge has been building instruments and training other luthiers in construction and finishing techniques for many years in southern Ontario and Quebec. He has developed a solid reputation for high quality and innovation, as have many others who also worked with Jean Larrivée.

This 1995 Serge de Jonge 8-String Classical guitar from his Toronto shop is in good playing condition and shows off Sergei’s skills. The woodworking is very well done – the ebony arm and back contours are not simple to make – and the guitar has a full, rich sound with a huge range. Interestingly, the back of the neck has a ‘guide’ groove approximately where a normal 6-string neck would begin to curve up for the bass side.

Serial Number N/A, built during 1995 in Toronto, Ontario.
Pricing $4,000 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. Scale length is 600mm and nut width is 68mm.
Frets Original frets with no appreciable wear.
Body Cutaway body with Cedar top, Cocobolo back and sides; arm rest on lower bass bout and body contour on rear bass waist. Yin/Yang rosette. Cocobolo bridge with bone saddles.
Finish Serge de Jonge specializes in hand-applied, french polish finishes. These light, satin finishes protect the wood but don’t inhibit it, and are easy to repair (compared to traditional laquer or polyester finishes). Being satin, they are not particularly reflective, and can appear somewhat cloudy.
Hardware/electronics Gold plated tuners with pearloid buttons. The tuners are carefully assembled from two six-string tuner sets. Bone nut and saddle.
Playability/Action This instrument plays as you’d expect from a de Jonge. The ‘guide channel’ in the back of the neck provides an excellent reference point for hand position.
Case Original TKL archtop hardshell included.

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