2004 German Vasquez Rubio Flamenco Blanca Guitar (consignment) SOLD

Comments German Vasquez Rubio, often referred to as GVR, builds Classical and Flamenco guitars at his shop in Los Angeles, California. He’s built concert level guitars since he was 16. GVR was born in Paracho, Mexico, home to one of the highest concentrations of skilled luthiers in North America. As is the case in many Spanish guitar builders, his shop is small and open to the public. In Madrid, for example, it’s common to walk by a guitar shop and see the luthier at work.

This 2004 German Vasquez Rubio Flamenco Guitar is really quite exceptional. As with most Flamenco Blanca instruments, it’s quite light but it’s also extremely resonant and responsive — it’s almost as if you are playing a living instrument.

Built as a Flamenco Blanca instrument with cypress back and sides, this instrument is constructed in the traditional Spanish style, where the sides are inserted into slots in the heel, and the neck is not removable.

This example is in very good condition, and at about half the price of a new model is a good value.

Visit German Vasquez Rubio’s ‘GuitarsbyGVR’ website here

Serial Number 1804, built during 2004 at German Vasquez Rubio’s shop in Los Angeles, California.
Pricing $2,500.00 Canadian with hardshell case. The list price for this model is US$5,000.00 SOLD
Neck Spanish Cedar neck with unbound African Ebony fingerboard. Brazilian Rosewood headplate. 650mm scale length, 52mm nut width.
Frets Stanbdard frets, 19 in total, with very minor fretwear.
Body Traditional Flamenco Blanca construction with cedar top, cypress back and sides. Brazilian Rosewood bindings and bridge. Golpe (tap) plates installed above and below the soundhole.
Finish Gloss french polish finish in quite good condition.
Hardware/electronics All original with Fustero tuners. Bone nut and saddle. Fustero tuners, gold engraved strips, with black swirl buttons
Playability/Action This guitar plays very well – and it is very resonant and responsive. Flamenco guitars are typically set to a much lower action height than concert classical guitars; this is because the rattling that accompanies low action is part of the tonal style.
Case Black hardshell case included.

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