2006 Peavey HP Special (consignment) SOLD

Comments In 1996, the first Peavey Wolfgang guitars appeared, and were produced until 2004.

After the split between Peavey and Eddie Van Halen, Peavey wanted to continue construction of the Wolfgang style. They couldn’t use the name, but were also no longer bound to a stricter set of options.

Enter the Peavey HP Special (HP standing for Hartley Peavey). It’s based on the Wolfgang but with options like a lockable floating trem and somewhat different body and head shapes. They were built in the same plant, on the same machinery, and at first by the same people.

This 2006 Peavey HP Special is in great condition, with very little wear. It’s a comfortable, versatile guitar.

Serial Number 51474454, built during 2006 at the Peavey plant in Meridian, Mississippi, USA.
Pricing $850.00 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple
Frets Original frets with minor wear.
Body Flat top, Flame maple cap on Basswood back. ‘Faux’ binding – the edge of the maple cap is not stained, to give the appearance of binding without the cost.
Finish Gloss ‘Margarita’ finish in very good condition. The neck uses an oiled finish.
Hardware/electronics Original hardware, except for 500K pots added; the tone control also has a pull function to switch to single coil on both pickups. Licensed Floyd Rose bridge.

In the headstock – front photo you can see the stringing trick for Floyds – put the strings on backwards, with the ball ends at the tuners.

Playability/Action Plays well, and has the tuning stability of a Floyd Rose. Guitars like this seem to naturally suggest fast, precise playing with lots of bends, so they can be pretty fun.
Case Original plastic shaped case.

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