2010 Hofner 500/1 Cavern Bass (consignment) SOLD

Hofner introduced the 500/1 violin bass in 1956 at the Frankfurt Music Messe, and it immediately became popular – it’s a lightweight bass with good sound and great playability; the 30 inch scale is very easy to get around on.

The Hofner 500/1 Cavern Bass is a reproduction of the first 500/1 purchased by Paul McCartney in 1961 and is named after London’s Cavern club, where so many bands played. Some went on to become great, others – not so much. McCartney used his Cavern bass while recording ‘Let it Be’ and ‘Revolution’.

The Cavern bass has two striking differences from the iconic Beatle Bass. First, and readily visible from the front, it has two pickups but neither are at the bridge; it has a neck and what would be a middle position pickup. As well, the pickups have closed covers with a Hofner logo and no adjustable polepieces. Second, the back is flat rather than the violin type arched back on the stock 500/1 bass. But as with the 500/1, it has the ebony bridge with fretwire saddles and the Hofner control panel with slider switches and ‘Teacup’ knobs.

This example from 2010 is in great phusical nad playing condition. It comes with a rectangular silver hardshell case.

Serial Number:

Pricing: $2,350.00 Canadian with rectangular hardshell case SOLD

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