2010 Metallic Red Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass SOLD

Comments This afternoon we have a 2010 metallic red Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass in pristine condition. The Jazz Bass was introduced in 1960 and was an instant hit, with its wider range of tones (compared to the Precision Bass) and its slim neck.

This example of the 50th Anniversary production is in incredibly good condition, with all the case candy and accessories included. It’s not completely a historically accurate reproduction of the original 1960 model; the tuners are much improved and it uses the slightly later two volume-one tone control arrangement rather than the original concentric pots.

All in all this is a specacular piece.

Serial Number US10095852, built in Corona, California, USA in 2010.
Pricing $1650 CAD with original case and all case candy! SOLD
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood ‘Slab’ style fingerboard, faux pearl block markers.
Frets No appreciable wear.
Body Ash body in the classic offset Jazz shape.
Finish Metallic red finish on body and front of headstock; natural elsewhere with a slight ‘antique’ tint. As to condition, this is pretty much as close to factory-mint as it gets.
Hardware/electronics All original hardware, with accessories in the case — including the installable foam string mutes.
Playability/Action Plays very well and the slim neck is really fun to get around on.
Case Original tweed case included, with all accessories in the pocket.

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