2012 Andreas Kirmse Classical Guitar (consignment) SOLD

Comments It is a joy to open a case and find an instrument like this 2012 Andreas Kirmse Classical Guitar. Hand built with a cedar double top, rosewood back and sides with sound port on the upper bass bout, mahogany neck and raised ebony fingerboard, this fine instrument illustrates the high level of current classical guitar construction.Andreas Kirmse was born during 1981 in a small village in East Germany, and since 2003 has focused on building instruments. He’s worked in a number of shops in Europe and under Gregory Byers in California; he now has his own shop in Marseille, in the South of France. (Quite frankly, I can think of many excellent reasons to have a shop in the South of France, starting with it being the South of France).
Serial Number XXVIII, dated 2012 and signed by Andreas Kirmse. Built in his shop in Marseille, southern France.
Pricing $6,800.00 Canadian dollars with Hiscox case. SOLD
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound ebony fingerboard. Raised fingerboard construction – there is also a mahogany support under the fingerboard on the body. 650mm scale length, 53mm nut width.
Frets Original frets with very minor wear.
Body Double cedar top body, with Indian Rosewood back and sides and raised fingerboard. Rosewood bridge and rosewood bindings. Sound port on the upper bass bout.
Finish Gloss lacquer finish in very good condition.
Hardware/electronics Original hardware; brass, unadorned Rodgers ‘Hauser Style’ tuners with black buttons, bone nut and saddle.
Playability/Action This guitar plays very well, with the action currently set to 8/64ths treble and 10/64ths inch bass. There’s plenty of saddle to move the action around. We will of course adjust the action to the player’s requirements.
Case Hiscox Case included.


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