2012 Martin D-28 (consignment) SOLD

The Martin Dreadnought has been in regular production since its re-introduction in 1931, as a revival of the pre-1920 Ditson models. First listed as the D-1 and D-2, these models had 12-fret necks like the Ditsons. The D-1 combined a spruce top with mahogany for the back and sides, and the D-2 spruce and rosewood. In 1934, these models were rebuilt with 14-fret necks and became the Martin D-18 and Martin D-28.

Featuring a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, the Martin D-28 offers a very full, rich tone with lots of warmth on its attack. The 25.4 inch scale length provides lots of tension for active playing.

This 2012 Martin D-28 is in original, stock condition – it was not a custom order, and it’s in very good condition with very little wear, on the finish or the frets.

Visit the C. F. Martin Guitar Company site and read about the current Martin D-28 and its specifications here.

You can read the history of Martin Dreadnoughts here!

Serial Number:  1558403, built during 2012 at the Martin facility in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Pricing: $1,750.00 Canadian with original hardshell case.  SOLD

Status:  SOLD