2013 Gibson Plain Gold ES-335 Thinline Archtop SOLD

Comments NOTE – This instrument is SOLD and is no longer available from Gibson.

Here’s an unexpected stunner – a 2013 Gibson Plain Gold ES-335 Thinline Archtop!

This guitar is only ‘Plain’ in the sense that Gibson doesn’t focus on figured woods when they’re going to put a solid colour on.

The ES-335 and its cousins were very successful from their introduction. The addition of the solid center block to a thinner archtop body combines the full round tone of an archtop with the brightness, bite and sustain of a solidbody. The design has proven to be extremely versatile, with only minor changes through its life.

Now, the ES-335 often comes with a stop tailpiece rather than a trapeze tailpiece, perhaps giving the action a little more solid feel and definition.

The gold finish on this guitar is new for the ES-335. It’s been seen a couple of times previously – in the 1952 to 1959 ES-295, and on the short-lived 1973 Les Paul Signature. Of course, it’s also seen on the classic Les Paul Goldtop. It’s close to the 1969 Ford Freudian Gilt offering applied to some Mustangs and Mavericks, but with perhaps a bit more red.

This is really a great looking guitar – and definitely has the go, too.

Serial Number Varies as new, this is 11373721, built during 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Pricing $2959 CAD with case. SOLD and NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Neck Mahogany neck with creme-bound rosewood fingerboard and dot position markers. 24.75 inch scale length.
Frets Medium wide frets.
Body Standard ES-3xx body style, double cutaway. Maple laminate top, back and sides, maple center block, unbound F-holes.
Finish Original nitrocellulose lacquer, metallic gold finish. This is the same finish used on the Les Paul Goldtop models, and last seen on thinline guitars on the short-lived 1973 Les Paul Signature model.
Hardware/electronics Chrome plated hardware; Grover Roto-Matics, Tune-O-Matic and stop tailpiece; ’57 Classic pickups, pickup selector, individual volume and tone controls, output jack. Creme pickup rings and single-layer bevelled pickguard.
Playability/Action These guitars really play well right out of the box. Quality control at the fretting and setup stage is quite good, and there’s lots of room to move the action around as required..
Case Original Gibson ‘Canadian’ case included.

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