Beltone Bass VI 1967 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number N.A., built in 1967
Pricing $1250 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Unknown wood with bound rosewood fingerboard, 30″ scale, narrow block markers of the ‘neo-classic’ type. Headstock ‘B’ logo is missing, with the glue residue and outline left behind.
Frets Frets are in reasonable condition.
Body Offset body with cut-out in lower bass bout.
Finish Sea-foam green type gloss finish.
Hardware/electronics Three single coil pickups controlled by rocker switches, one slider standby switch, master volume and tone controls. Original tuners. Chrome bridge and trem unit.
Playability/Action In playable condition.
Case Hardshell case included.
Comments This is a visually interesting Japanese-made Bass IV from 1967. Six-string basses did not really catch on in this format but there are a few examples, like this, around.

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