Campbell American Custom Burled Walnut UK-1 – SOLD!



$2099 w/ case

Connections are the very heart of the music industry. There are all sorts of connections that help us do what we do. From 1/4 “ connection to SPDIF connections to Firewire, they all are integral to the way we make music. There are other connections that are more human and involve a sight, touch, smell and sound. From the first phone call that I took from Dean Campbell, we had a connection, as we are both no-nonsense, brutally truthful to a fault and proud fathers to some very cool kids. Dean’s guitars are about a human connection. They are built one by one and with a whole lot of love and mojo thrown in for good measure.

When I first saw this guitar on his web page, I had to order one like it. The walnut top is jaw-droopingly stunning and the appointments just contribute even more to this amazing piece of 6-string beauty. The neck s flawlessly carved to fit in one’s hand like a classic guitar from days gone by. The fretwork is second to none. Fit and finish on this specimen is amazing and catches one’s eye from a distance. The guitar itself is well balanced and the Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and ‘59 in the neck make it a versatile guitar for any style of music. The coil tap adds even more versatility. In a nutshell, this guitar is a beauty that needs to be picked up and played. You’ll immediately feel the connection. It’s a guitar built by humans for humans who are looking that extra special guitar to connect with. It’s spring; love is in the air and we at the Twelfth Fret love this guitar. Kudos Dean!!!

Mike McAvan




* Sperzel tuners
* matching Burled Walnut headstock overlay
* ebony fingerboard
* Honduran mahogany body
* Burled Walnut top
* dark amber ntirto lacquer finish
* gold plated hardware
* Seymour Duncan Jazz neck pickup
* Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck bridge pickup
* TKL hardshell case