Carvin 12-string Electric Left-Handed 2011 (consignment) – SOLD

Serial Number 2564579, built 2011
Pricing $799 CAD with case. – SOLD
Neck Maple neck, neck-through construction, with unbound ebony fingerboard. Abalone block markers.
Body Maple neck-through construction with alder for the body shape. Contoured for comfort.
Finish Natural gloss finish.
Hardware/electronics Twin Carvin active humbuckers with mini switches – an explanation of the controls is included. Black dual-mount bridge – six of the strings go through the body to black ferrules on the back, and six go to the rear edge of the bridge. Black Sperzel locking tuning gears, black twelve-saddle bridge.
Playability/Action Plays well and lots of travel on the bridge saddles.
Case Tweed G&G case included.
Comments Carvin has made custom guitars and amps for quite some time. This recent left-handed 12, in near mint shape, is an excellent example of their build quality.

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