de Jonge Classical 1993 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… N/A circa 1993
Description:… Here is a beautiful Brazilian rosewood classical from Sergei de Jonge. Sometimes
you get certain pieces of Brazilian rosewood that I could just stair at for hours and this is one of
them. The slightly mesmerizing grain lines complement the reddish chocolate coloring and really
draw the eyes!! The tone matches the look with a full and lush complexity in the bass and
midrange and a soft yet commanding treble presence. Hands down excellent craftsmanship yet
again from Sergei de Jonge!
Neck:… Mahogany neck, 52mm bone nut, 650mm scale length, flat U shaped neck profile,
Brazilian headstock overlay and backstrap.
Frets:… Minor wear
Body:… Cedar top, Brazilian rosewood sides and back, lattice braced, Brazilian rosewood bridge.
Finish:… French polish top, lacquer sides and back, general wear on the top with some play wear
marks and minor dents.
Hardware/electronics:… Individual brass saddles, gold engraved tuners with ivoroid buttons
Playability/Action:… Good playability with current action at 11/64″ bass side and 9/64″ treble
Case:… SKB molded hardshell case
Pricing:… $4249.99 Canadian Dollars (approx.$4126.US$ as of Oct.29/2010)SOLD