de Jonge Classical Brazilian 2001 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… n/a     SOLD
Description:… Here is a beautiful Brazilian classical from Sergi de Jonge. This guitar is a great
example of the excellent tone you get when you combine top notch craftsmanship, traditional
classical fan bracing, and wonderful sets of cedar and Brazilian rosewood. There is warmth and
complex overtones as well as cut, definition and clarity. Hey… it looks pretty great too!! This
guitar is in overall excellent shape with only minor play wear.
Neck:… Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, 650mm scale length, 52mm nut width.
Frets:… Minor wear in first position
Body:… Brazilian rosewood sides and back, cedar top, traditional classical fan braced, Spalted
maple rosette, traditional bridge design.
Finish:… French polish top, lacquer sides and back in very good condition.
Hardware/electronics:… Sloan tuners
Playability/Action:… Great playability with action at 8/64″ bass side and 6/64″ treble side and
4/64″ saddle protruding.
Case:… Black hardshell case
Pricing:… $4995.00 Canadian Dollars (approx.$4945.US$ as of Nov.8/2010)REDUCED