Deering Vega Bluegrass Wonder Banjo SOLD

Serial Number N 768
Pricing $1399 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Maple necxk wuth unbound ebony fingerboard and headplate.
Frets 22 frets with minimal play wear in the lower positions.
Body Maple resonator, John Hartford Granadillo wood tone ring, Deering Red maple rim with Eagle 11 flange.
Finish Satin finish with Vega stain.
Hardware/electronics Five Star 15:1 planetary tuners, frosted head, capo tacks installed. Nickel plated hardware.
Playability/Action Plays well and we will of course set it up to the player’s requirements.
Case Deering hardshell case included.
Comments This Deering-built Vega ‘Bluegrass Wonder’ was a custom order. These are the lightest professional-grade resonator banjos available, with a bright warm tone for historic fingerstyle or bluegrass.

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