Dobro 60D Roundneck, 1971 SOLD

Comments Here is a cool Dobro 60D roundneck from 1971. This instrument is not in pristine condition, but could be restored; we’ve decided to leave that for the next owner.

It’s currently set up to work lap-style – with a steel rather than a slide – and in that configuration, it’s very playable and sounds good!

Serial Number N/A, but built around 1971.
Pricing $599.99 CAD without case. SOLD
NeckMaple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard. Some seam delamination on the back of the neck.
Frets Some wear, but the guitar is set for lap steel style playing so the wear doesn’t matter.
Body Mahogany top, back and sides with Dobro cone, spider, and coverplate.
Finish The original finish was nitrocellulose lacquer, there is a layer of another finish on most of the body. The finish is worn.
Hardware/electronics Largely original, it’s possible the tuners have been replaced; the front of head tuner bushings are missing.
Playability/Action This instrument is currently configured for lap style – the action at the nut is around 1/4″. It would require work, perhaps a neck reset, to successfully reconfigure it for fingerstyle.
Case Cases are available, but not included.

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