Domenelli Classical 2009 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… 0833904E463 circa 2009
Description:… Here is a beautiful classical guitar from luthier Marcus Domenelli from Victoria,
BC. This guitar features a cedar top and claro walnut back and sides, a side port, Hauser style
bracing, 12 hole bridge and a raised fretboard. This side port improves sustain and volume by
moving more air through the box and also gives the player more of the sound of the guitar. The
elevated fingerboard gives the player better access to the upper register without changing the
traditional look of the guitar. This piece is in excellent overall condition with only minor
cosmetic wear, it plays really well and sounds wonderful!
Neck:… Mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, 640mm scale, 51mm nut width, raised fretboard.
Frets:… Very minor wear.
Body:… Cedar top, Claro walnut back and sides, sound port on upper bass bout, 12 hole bridge,
Hauser style bracing
Finish:… French polish with minor play wear and finger marks.
Hardware/electronics:… Sloane tuners
Playability/Action:… Great playability with current action at 10/64″ bass side and 8/64″ treble
side with 3/64″ saddle protruding.
Case:… Black double arched hardshell
Pricing:… $3800.00 Canadian Dollars (approx.$3725.US$ as of Nov.22/2010)