Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Amplifier – SOLD


The Tourmaster™ 4100 represents the latest in tube guitar amp technology. Legendary amp builder Bruce Egnater’s aim in creating the Tourmaster™ 4100 is to offer an extensive array of useable tones and features while keeping things easy to understand and operate. The Tourmaster™ 4100 head and Tourmaster 4212 combo have all the same controls and features. The only difference between the two is that the front and rear panel layouts are reversed to read properly in their respective cabinets.

Think of the Tourmaster™ as four separate amps in one box. Each channel has an identical set of controls that are simply repeated four times.
Clean/Vintage 1 is the cleanest of the four. Within this channel lives a range of Classic tones ranging from pristine sparkle with the voicing switch set to MODERN to a punchy, aggressive drive (think clean JTM) in the CLASSIC mode. Pressing the button to activate the CONTOUR control opens an entire new range of beautiful clean, almost acoustic, tones not often found in a tube amplifier.

Clean/Vintage 2 has a very similar voicing to the Clean/Vintage 1 channel. We’ve added more gain so this channel can be “pushed” into mild overdrive. Sweet blues and classic rock tones are easily coaxed out of this channel. The contour knob adds another level of unique flavors.

Overdrive 1: From AC/DC crunch to modern rock, this channel covers a lot of bases all by itself. Dial down the gain and the feel is pure classic rock. Push the gain and enter into more modern, saturated territory. Scoop the mids with the CONTOUR control for monstrous metal or set it for classic British rhythm.

Overdrive 2: The Tourmaster’s most intense channel, you’ll find ferocious gain with a wide range of tones to suit the ‘80s shredder as well as the heaviest modern metal player. Scoop the mids with the powerful CONTOUR control for massive crunch or push the midrange for a solo tone that cuts through with serious authority.

The “Power Grid” is a really cool feature your will only find on the Egnater Tourmaster™ amps. Using a group of 5 slide switches on the rear panel, you can set the power output for each channel individually. There is a 3 position slide switch corresponding to each of the four channels and a single FULL POWER/ HALF POWER slide switch. In FULL POWER mode you can choose between 100w, 50w or 25w per channel. In the HALF POWER mode you can between choose 50w, 25w or 10w per channel.

With the Tourmaster you not only have a wide array of tones available from the preamp channels, but with the Power Grid you can introduce any amount of power tube distortion you wish to each channel, all preset and automatic.

Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Amp

* 100-Watt All-Tube Head
* Four Channels with Selectable voicing
* Power Grid: Set Wattage for Each Channel
from 10w up to 100w
* Tube-driven Assignable Effects Loop
* Tube Driven Reverb
* Rugged Six-Button Footswitch
* Powered by Groovetubes™

* Four independent channels each with:
— Gain control
— Master control
— Treble, middle, bass
— Classic/modern voicing switch
* Tube driven reverb
* Master Presence/Density

* Assignable tube driven effects loop
— Assign to channels 1&2
— Assign to channels 3&4
— Assign to all four channels
— Assign to pedal only
— Send and return level controls
— Selectable series or parallel
* Cabinet voiced line/recording out
* Simple master bias adjust with test points POWER GRID
* Six preset power output levels for
each channel from 10 to 100 watts
* Full or half power switch

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