EKO 700 4V 1960’s (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number N/A, built in Italy between 1962 and 1964
Pricing $1250 CAD without case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard.
Frets 21 frets plus zero fret. It looks like it might have been refretted because the binding is slotted for the fret tang, but other makers including Supro used this method. The frets have some wear, but it plays cleanly and easily – this guitar has been played! Currently strung with flatwounds.
Body Plastic coatings on basswood core, modified tulip-shaped body.
Finish Red sparkle top, white pearlescent back coating. Neck and headstock are finished black.
Hardware/electronics Four single coil pickups with slider switches for selection.
Playability/Action This guitar plays very well, and is surprisingly comfortable.
Case Case not included.
Comments da Vinci, Ferrarri, Maserati, Eko…. Italy has long been known for innovative designs. And this Eko 700 v4 is a very cool and rare guitar. Eko electric guitars were not uncommon in the early and mid 1960’s, and as a bonus, didn’t always depend on American manufacturers for design cues. The wild pickguard and the red sparkle finish are worth the price of admission! The modified tuplip body is reminiscent of Rickenbacker 325 models, but the electronic layout is all Eko.

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