Eminence Portable Upright Bass 2005 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number Z536, built in 2005 in Minneapolis, MN.
Pricing $1450. CAD including case. SOLD
Neck Solid rock maple neck with ebony fingerboard. 41.25″ vibrating string length; the steel dovetail joint makes the neck easily removable for travel.
Frets No frets! Fingerboard is in excellent condition.
Body Laminated spruce top, laminated curly maple back and sides. Bass bar and soundpost are solid spruce.
Finish Gloss traditional amber finish, with neck bare. A few small dings; this was a gigging instrument.
Hardware/electronics Realist bridge pickup, fully adjustable prop and stand. Maple bridge and solid brass tailpiece.
Playability/Action Plays well, and easy to move around.
Case Golf bag flight case included.
Comments An upright bass has a unique tone and presence but can be challenging (and expensive) to transport.The Eminence (or ‘Gelbass’) bass design by Gary Bartig addresses this issue by making the neck easily removable; the instrument and stand fit into the golf club flight case, avoiding airline oversize charges or fitting into many cars.Here is the builder demonstrating the neck removal and reassembly:

The Eminence is a professional quality instrument, chosen for tour duty by many players for functionality and tone. This example is in good condition, and was used by a Toronto jazz luminary – you will see others around town using them.

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