Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 (used) SOLD

Comments  If your a fan of John Petrucci from Dream Theater or just looking for a wicked playing versatile 7 string guitar this ernie Ball Music Man JP7 is for you!! This beautiful candy apple read guitar features a piezo pickup, Dimarzio humbuckers and a super smooth trem system. It is in overall excellent condition and is set up with a Dimarzio clip lock strap system.
Serial Number  #F15981
Pricing  $1475
Neck  7 string birds eye maple neck, rosewood fretboard
Frets  24 frets with only minor wear
Body  Bass wood double cutaway body with arm rest contour.
Finish  Candy apple red finish with only a few small scatches and dings
Hardware/electronics  Music Man John Petrucci floating trem, piezo pickup, Dimarzio Crunch lab bridge pickup, Dimarzio Air Norton neck pickup, Schaller locking tuners.
Playability/Action  Excellent playability, current action at 4.5/64″ bass side and 4/64″ treble side.
Case  Molded Music Man hardshell case with one small crack on the corner.

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