Fender Jazz Bass 1966 – Fretless Conversion (consignment) No longer available

Comments Here’s a lovely Fender Jazz Bass from 1966, converted to fretless in 1985 by Joe Kovacic at Lado Guitars. This instrument has definitely been used as was intended, with the honest wear that implies.As people discovered the potential of the fretless sound – Pastorius in Weather Report probably had a lot to do with that – fretless conversions became popular for a few extra reasons. The conversion is fairly quick to do, not exceptionally expensive, and is usually reversible. The frets are removed, veneer is glued into the slots, the board is planed level and the action set low. The Twelfth Fret’s repair shop has done many of these conversions, in both directions.Many of these conversions were done on Jazz basses, as the natural round tones of the instrument lend themselves to the fretless sound.

Another benefit of the conversion is that as long as a contrasting veneer is used in the fret slots, it’s easy to play in tune, even if you didn’t grow up playing unfretted instruments.

This Jazz Bass comes with the original bridge and pickup covers and the setup guide booklet, in the case.

Serial Number 131969, built 1966; pot coes to 1966, neck dates 7 AUG 65A
Pricing $4500 CAD with original case. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard. Gold on black decal in good condition, some small chipping.
Frets This instrument was converted to fretless in 1985 by Joe Kovacic at Lado Guitars.
Body Alder body with some play wear!
Finish Original nitrocellulose lacquer finish in red sunburst. Play wear and checking.
Hardware/electronics Bridge pickup is rewound, Fender-stamped tuners are original to that period, as is the F neck plate.
Playability/Action Plays well, fretless instruments are typically set low.
Case Original case included.

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