Fender Jazz Bass MIM (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number MZ0087925 Made in Mexico
Pricing $375.00 CDN with gig bag. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with standard 34″ scale, rosewood fingerboard, dot markers.
Frets Original frets in great condition with very little wear.
Body Alder body
Finish Fender Sunburst finish in very good condition.
Hardware/electronics Seymour Duncan Hot Jazz pickups, individual volumes, master tone. Original bridge and gears, replacement pickguard. Two knobs replaced with chrome P-bass style parts.
Playability/Action The genius of the Fender design is that it can be adjusted to suit any playing style by tweaking the geometry. The Jazz bass features a narrower neck that’s easy to get around on. It’s no accident that you hear a Jazz Bass on many Rush albums.
Case Gig bag included.
Comments This bass is a great deal in excellent condition – you can go straight to a gig with it!

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