Fender P Bass 1956 (Used) SOLD

Serial Number:… 09180 circa 1956
Description:… Well, this is the real deal. This 1956 Precision Bass has been through a lot of play,
but is in wonderful working condition. The lightweight ash body is resonant and responsive. The
single pickup configuration makes this a no-nonsense workhorse of a guitar, with a punchy
attach and rich sustain.
Neck:… 1 piece maple neck shows lots of finish wear but feels smooth and solid to play.
Frets:… 20 original frets are low, but playable with only slight wear showing.
Body:… Original solid ash body, total overall weight is roughly 8.2 lb.
Finish:… Original 2 tone sunburst nitro finish shows lots of wear and checking, but is mostly
Hardware/electronics:… All hardware and electronics are original and in good working
Playability/Action:… Great playability. Action is set to 8/64″ bass side to 6/64″ treble side.
Case:… Original tweed hardshell case in 6/10 condition.
Pricing:… $9,500.00 Canadian (approx. $9500 US)SOLD