Fender Precision Bass, 1978 (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here’s an excellent condition Fender Precision Bass from 1978. The P-Bass is likely the most recorded instrument in history, and its portability and potential for volume – and its near indestructability – is heavily responsible for how music is now presented. It’s been produced without break since 1951 and has remained a standard throughout.This example from 1978 is in good condition and sounds just like a P-Bass should.
Serial Number S891369, built in 1978.
Pricing $1,050.00 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard.
Frets Original frets with minor wear.
Body Ash body
Finish Gloss natural (clear) polyester finish in good condtion. There is one chip on the lower edge of the contour.
Hardware/electronics Original gears and electronics; Badass-type bridge has been professionally installed.
Playability/Action Plays reasonably but would benefit from a setup. Currently strung with flatwounds.
Case Original Fender hardshell case included.

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