Fender Strat 1956 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… 13009 circa 1956
Description:… I get the privilege of playing a lot of great vintage guitars, but every now and
then one comes through the shop that really steals the show! This 1956 Stratocaster is a
truly phenomenal guitar. The original finish is in very good condition, with only a few
major dents to show its age. There is some substantial buckle wear on the back, but other
than that it is quite clean. The neck feels beautiful, with no dents or noticeable wear on the
back or the fingerboard. With a total overall weight of 7.45lb, this is also a very
comfortable guitar to hold and play. The original pickups have lost none of their chime or
sparkle. Anyone out there looking for the ultimate Strat, this is it!
Neck:… 1 piece maple neck with “V” profile
Frets:… 21 original frets show minimal wear. Frets are low but still very playable.
Body:… Alder body dated : 9-56
Finish:… Original sunburst nitro finish
Hardware/electronics:… Original pickups and electronics, five way switch has been added.
Playability/Action:… Excellent playability with action set to 6/64″ bass side, 4/64″ treble
Case:… Original Tweed case with FRAGILE written on both sides, top side has been
Pricing:… $27,999.99 Canadian Dollars (approx.$27,184.US$ as of Nove.5/2010)SOLD