Fender Stratocaster ‘1962 Vintage Reissue’ 2011 SOLD

Serial Number V157443, built 2011.
Pricing $1000 CAD including case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Decal is over the finish as was the practice at that time.
Frets No wear.
Body Alder body with 1962 contours.
Finish Red sunburst finish in near perfect conditoin.
Hardware/electronics Original 1962-style hardware, all original.
Playability/Action This has the factory setup and plays very well as is; of course we will set it up to the player’s requirements.
Case Original brown tolex G&G case.
Comments It’s uncommon to see a pre-owned guitar come into the shop looking this untouched. Even the case candy looks pretty much as when it left the factory. This plays and sounds as you would expect an American Strat should, which is to say, great.

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