Fender Telecaster 1952 Reissue With Vibramate and Bigsby (used) SOLD

Serial Number 32690, stamped on original bridge plate (in the case)
Pricing $1458 CND including case, Bigsby B5, Vibramate adapter kit and Spoiler, installed.
Neck Maple neck with finished fingerboard.
Frets Minor fret wear.
Body Alder body in very good shape.
Finish Original butterscotch finish in very good shape.,
Hardware/electronics Original electronics, we’ve added a Vibramate V5-TEV kit and Bigsby B-5 vibrato plus the Vibramate Spoiler. Also in the case is the original Fender package with the ‘ashtray’ bridge cover and 6-piece bridge; neither of these can be used with the Vibramate Bigsby install.
Playability/Action Plays like a telecaster, with the extra versatility a Bigsby provides.
Case Case included.
Comments We received a number of Vibramate kits and Bigsby units, and decided to install the V5-TEV kit on this 1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue. It went on in minutes, just a little longer than changing the strings, and doesn’t alter the guitar at all. The original parts are included in the case.We have also added the Vibramate Spoiler, which makes restringing dramatically easier. It just slips onto the string pins, and is held in place by string tension. This part by itself is $40 and we’ve tested the fit on B5 and B7 Bigsby models; I have found that it doesn’t quite fit properly on a B11, and it may or may not fit on B50 or B70 ‘licensed’ models. The issue is the shape and size of the cutout behind the string bar.

This is an excellent way to add a Bigsby to a Telecaster, though it doesn’t work on all models; it requires the vintage-style bridge with four screws and three saddles. It should also fit with no problem on the Classic Vibe series!

Interestingly, the bridge plate is drilled to allow the strings to be mounted through the stock ferrules, so you can easily experiment and use the Bigsby on whatever strings you choose.

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