Fender Telecaster 1966 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number 158999, neck date is 3AUG66B.
Pricing $3750 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.
Frets Original frets with some play wear in the lower positions.
Body Ash body
Finish Body was refinished black many years ago; the neck has been refinished to the headstock. There are a few chips and the back has some honest belt-buckle wear. The decal is in good shape with minor peeling; these decals were applied over the finish and many have dried out and chipped away.
Hardware/electronics Hardware and electronics are original, pots date to 1966 – 304 6617. The control plate has had a hole drilled in it, likely for a toggle switch.
Playability/Action Plays well!
Case Newer Fender hardshell case included.
Comments The Telecaster has been in production for over 60 years, and there are good reasons for that. It is a model of design for functionality, it’s incredibly durable, it looks good and sounds great, it’s easy to modify, and it fits into almost any musical style. This is a 1966 model that’s been refinished and is in great playing condition.

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