❌SOLD❌ Fender Telecaster With Parsons-White B Bender, 2006

Serial Number Z5045286, built 2006.
Pricing $1599.99 with Gator case. SOLD
Neck Standard Maple Highway 1 Telecaster neck with skunk stripe.
Frets Original frets with very little wear.
Body Fender Highway 1 Alder body, routed for the Parsons-White B Bender. The routed cavity is finished with a mahogany-shade flocking.
Finish Original cream gloss finish in very good condition, neck has clear satin finish. White Pearlescent pickguard.
Hardware/electronics 3-piece bridge with brass saddles; Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. Parsons-White B-Bender ‘Long Stroke’ installed (signed by Gene Parsons), two Keith tuners installed, replacing the A and High E tuners. Pickup switch knob is missing.
Playability/Action This guitar plays well, and the B-Bender doesn’t change the weight or balance – the parts nearly match the weight of the routed wood.
Case Rectangular Gator case included. The Keith Banjo tuners don’t fit in stock Fender cases.
Comments This is one neat little machine! Pitch changing opportunities abound here. The use of the Keith Banjo tuners let you change tunings nearly instantly, and the B-bender works really well. The unit installed on this guitar is Gene Parson’s ‘Long Stroke’ version, which raises the B string a whole tone. The Parsons-White string bender is a bit of genius design; you don’t have to take your hands off the strings.