Four Project Instruments SOLD

Four Project Instruments

We often get interesting instruments that require more workbench time than we have to spare, and these four instruments can certainly be saved and deserve to be restored and enjoyed.

They are ideal “project” instruments for the home hobbyist and amateur Luthier.

The combined age of these four instruments exceeds 300 years!

One price takes all. $200 for all four — Less than a dollar a year!!

(Fedex within southern Ontario would run $30 provided we can fit all four in one large carton)

Michigan Banjo: all hardware intact and recent new goatskin head. fully playable in the lower positions but neck is overbowed: would require fret work and neck work to make perfect. Early post war era. Circa 1950. with original hardboard case

Pre-war era Valencia guitar: handmade guitar with friction pegs. numerous cracks and needs major fretwork.

The soundhole label and elaborate purfling/binding is worth the price of admission.

Tiple – Chicago built circa 1930: Mahogany back and sides with spruce top and lovely marquetry around top. major cracks on top and needs proper bridge but seems to have the structural solidity to easily be tuned up to pitch. Note: those tuners are extremely rare and may be worth more than these 4 instruments combined.

English banjo Ukulele, circa 1935: All mahogany construction; calfskin head is perfect. this is probably the least amount of work: needs a tuner and a new set of strings to be put back into playing order.

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