Gibson ES 335 1959 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… A32118 circa 1959
Description:…  Everyone knows the Gibson ES-335 and it’s storied past. Introduced in the spring of
1958 it has gone on to become one of the most recognized guitars in the world. Of course early 335’s
have a legendary mojo that is not to be ignored and this guitars fortifies that legend. The original
bridge resides along with the PAF pickups and pickguard. The guitar does however have a headstock
crack repair and further to that the back of the neck has been refinished. Also a new label replaces the
old one which crumbled away.
Neck:… Mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, neck joint at the 19th fret, 1 11/16″ neck width, 24 3/4″
scale length, medium elliptical neck profile.
Frets:… Low frets which have dressed.
Body:… 16″ wide, 1 5/8″ deep body, laminate maple.
Finish:… Tobacco burst finish with lots of lacquer checking, scratches and belt buckle wear.
Hardware/electronics:… Original bridge, PAF humbuckers and pickguard, five tuner buttons replaced.
Playability/Action:… Good playability with current action at 5/64″ bass and treble sides.
Case:… Original Gibson brown hardshell, 6/10 condition, part of the back is missing.
Pricing:… $24,999.99 Canadian Dollars (approx.$24,038.US$ as of June 22/2010) SOLD