Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1973 (Used) SOLD

Serial Number 133745 circa 1973
Pricing $2699.99 Canadian Dollars (approx.$2825.US$ as of May 5/2011) SOLD
Neck Mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, 24 3/4? scale length, 1 11/16? nut width, low profile neck shape.
Frets Medium wear mostly in first position on the b and e strings. See photo in gallery below, of most significant fret wear.
Body Mahogany body, maple cap.
Finish Gold finish with lots of lacquer checking, typical green oxidization, lots of wear through spots, chips and dings. Character!
Hardware/electronics Mini humbuckers, 70’s style replaced bridge, replaced Schaller tuners.
Playability/Action Plenty of room to adjust the action to suit.
Case Original case in 4/10 condition, broken handle and lots of wear and tear.
Comments This is a guitar with real character, and looks like it has had a life of being used for its intended purpose.