Guild Masteramp 60 1955 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number N/A, built in 1955.
Pricing $550 CAD.SOLD
Finish Two-tone covering in good condition.
Hardware/electronics Tubes: 2x 50L6 poweramp tubes, 1x 6SN7, 2x 12AX7 preamp tubes. 1x 35Z5 rectifier tube. All original knobs and switches. RCA 12″ alnico speaker. Original leather strap handle.
Comments Here’s a very cool and rare mid-50’s Guild Masteramp 60. Guild wasn’t known as much for amps as Fender or Gibson were, but made a lot of great units. This example is in good condition though the trem is not working. The Masteramp line included the 60 with a 12″ speaker, and the 110 with a 15″ speaker.

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