Hofner Model 191 Doubleneck 1962 SOLD

Serial Number N/A, built 1962
Pricing $2199 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Bolt-on Maple necks with bound rosewood fingerboards, classic Hofner markers. Black peghead overlays with Hofner logo on lower neck.
Frets Zero fret type necks, and the bass zero fret has been replaced. 22 frets on 6-string neck, 21 on the bass. Frets on the 6-string neck are fairly low and have been dressed, the bass neck frets are nearly full height.
Body Hollow body with Maple top, back and sides.
Finish Original nitrocellulose lacquer in a cherry sunburst.
Hardware/electronics Two original pickups on the 6-string neck, one on the bass. 6-saddle adjustable bridge on the 6-string, original vibrato unit. Height-adjustable bridge on the bass side. Separate controls for each neck, with slider buttons and Hofner teacup knobs. Original open gears with pearloid buttons.
Playability/Action This instrument was recently serviced, including a fret dress and setup. It plays well and is smaller and more maneuverable than many doublenecks!
Case Case included.
Comments Hofner made a lot of popular instruments in the late 50’s and early ’60’s. This is a rare example of their doubleneck 191 model. It’s recently been overhauled in our shop and looks great, plays well, and has that early ’60’s sound.

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