Jerry Jones Longhorn Guitarlin – DISCONTINUED

Jerry Jones retired in 2011 and ceased production. Consequently, this model has been discontinued. This post is retained for reference purposes.

Tim Cameron has long been our resident expert on all things Jerry Jones and was good enough to bang out some text and lay down a few audio tracks regarding our current stock!

[singlepic  id=7222 w=320 h=240 float=none] “This is my personal fave. It’s sitting at that magic point where quirkiness and practicality shake hands and decide to be bestest friends forever. Jerry’s recently re-introduced his more exact Danelectro copies, all of which are part of his “JJ Original” series. The pickups are really more like the bridge and middle pickups of a three pickup guitar, since the neck marches itself WAY up into the body, thereby pushing the neck pickup a few inches closer to the bridge. All that and thirty-one frets. I kid you not. I used one of Jerry’s Guitarlins all over my first CD, “Never Mind The Hyperbolics”, and it sounded fantastic. Need more convincing? Link Wray. ‘Nuff said.”

Jerry Jones Longhorn Guitarlin
* 1 11/16″ wide nut
* rosewood fingerboard
* 31 medium jumbo frets
* Gotoh enclosed tuners
* 25″ scale length
* 6.25 pounds overall guitar weight
* semi hollow body with double “longhorn” shape
* two Jerry Jones lipstick tube pickups
* 3-way pickup selector gives
1/ neck pickup
2/ neck & bridge in series humbucking mode
3/ bridge pickup
* master volume & tone controls