Jerry Jones Neptune Shorthorn Guitar SOLD and Discontinued

NOTE! Jerry Jones has retired and sold his shop materials. These instruments are no longer available.

Tim Cameron has long been our resident expert on all things Jerry Jones and was good enough to bang out some text and lay down a few audio tracks regarding our current stock!

“So there you are one day, playing your Telecaster and grooving on the twang, when suddenly it hits you that maybe there’s more to life than twang. Maybe it would be nice to have something similar, but with a bit more mid-range punch. Something with a hint of sparkle or jangle too. And maybe a somewhat more useable neck pickup as well. Soapbars aren’t quite what you’re after, too much output, and a bit darker and muddier than what you’d like. A Rickenbacker might be nice, but good luck finding one, and besides, you’d like to keep your new toy under the $1000 mark, taxes included.

If the above paragraph describes your situation, then I have two words for you: Jerry Jones.Those of us who count ourselves among fans of Jerry’s guitars are part of a small but loyal following whose members are liable to sing the praises of lipstick tube pickups to anyone who’ll listen, and will nominate Masonite as their favourite tone wood whenever the subject of guitars arises (which it seems to do quite often around here… funny that).

Jerry’s guitars manage to combine the visual vibe of Jetsons-influenced retro quirkiness with the practical, bolt-on neck reliability of real workhorse instruments. Add to that his attention to the finer details of lutherie (his fret finishing is excellent), and his recent switch to Gotoh hardware, and you have the ingredients for your next favourite toy.Below are some audio clips and comments on some Jerry Jones models we have in stock at the moment.”


* 1 11/16″ wide nut
* rosewood fingerboard
* dot inlay markers
* maple neck with medium elliptical profile
* 25″ scale length
* 21 medium jumbo frets
* truss rod adjusts without neck removal
* enclosed Gotoh tuners
* semi-hollow body construction
* 3 U.S. made Jerry Jones lipstick tube pickups
* 5-way selector switch gives
1/ neck pickup
2/ neck & middle in series humbucking mode
3/ middle pickup only
4/ middle & bridge pickup in series humbucking mode
5/ bridge pickup
* master volume & tone controls
* 6-saddle fully adjustable bridge
* 6.4 pounds overall guitar weight