Kay short scale bass late 50’s SOLD

Serial Number N/A
Pricing $499.99 CDN with case – SOLD
Neck Likely poplar, as most Harmony and Kay instruments were at the time. Rosewood board, 24.25″ scale length – quite short!
Frets 18 Original frets in good condition.
Body Maple laminate, bound top and back.
Finish Sunburst lacquer finish in reasonable shape.
Hardware/electronics One pickup, volume and tone. Trapeze tailpiece. Maple bridge. Original open tuners in good condition, and not bent as they often are.
Playability/Action The very short scale makes this very easy to play. Presently strung with flatwounds.l
Case original fiber (cardboard) case/.
Comments Great woody tone, does a passable simulation of an upright bass.

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