Keeley Time Machine Boost SOLD!

Regular: $289

SALE: $250

The Keeley Electronics Time Machine Boost is a two channel preamp used to drive your amp into overdrive or saturation. As with all of the Keeley gear, only the highest quality enclosure and components are utilized to create this incredibly musical, thoughtfully designed unit! I guarantee that if you take the Time Machine Boost on a gig, it will become an indispensable part of your sound!

* This is a 2 channel, 3 mode pre-amplifier (booster) for driving your amplifiers into overdrive or saturation.

* The 2 channels are labeled VINTAGE and MODERN.

* The Vintage side is inspired by rare germanium boosts like the Dallas Rangemaster.

* The Modern side a new +23dB gain dual JFET, very transparent, guitar signal amplifier.

* Our design uses a Maxim MAX1044 voltage doubling IC to get additional headroom.

* If 6 were 9 ? How about if 9 volts became 18 volts!

* As with all Keeley built electronics it incorporates top of the line audiophile style parts including metal film caps, resistors, silver solder!, etc…

* Teflon-coated wiring leaves this unit breath-taking on the inside. Open one up for yourself!

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