Martin T-18 Tiple 1923 SOLD

Serial Number 19632, built 1923 in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Pricing $1000 CAD with orignal case. SOLD
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound ebony fingerboard. Rosewood head plate, and CF MARTIN stamped (askew) on back of head.
Frets Original bar frets in good condition.
Body Spruce top and struts, mahogany back and sides. Ebony bridge with bar-fret saddle, rosewood binding on top and back.
Finish Original nitrocellulose lacquer finish, generally good condition with some play wear on the top where a pickguard would now normally be fitted.
Hardware/electronics 5-per side strip tuners. Ebony nut.
Playability/Action This instrument has been recently serviced in our shop and is in good playing condition, but the action is somewhat high.
Case Original case included, in fair condition.
Comments Tiples were popular in the early part of the 20th century, into the 1930’s. This example, adapted from the South American instrument, is 17″ scale, and 8 15/16″ wide. Strung in four courses, with the outside two having two strungs and the center two with three and is tuned like a ukulele.

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