Midnight Blue 2009 Rickenbacker 4001c64s (consignment) SOLD

Comments The 4001 bass was introduced in 1961. It was replaced in 1986 by the 4003, but in 2001 the 4001 CS was introduced. This was a reproduction of Paul McCartney’s bass, and featured a reshaped body and a zero fret on an unfinished fingerboard.

This Midnight Blue 2009 Rickenbacker 4001c64s is one of only four in this particular colour – there are two more in satin. It’s in excellent condition.

Serial Number 09 42489, built during the 42nd week of 2009 – mid October, at the Rickenbacker plant in Santa Ana, California. Not far from Disneyland in Anaheim!
Pricing $2,499.99 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple through-neck design with unbound, unfinished rosewood fingerboard and zero fret. Mother of pearl dot position markers.
Frets Original frets with minor wear.
Body Classic Rickenbacker ‘Crested Wave’ design. This uses the through-neck idea with a maple neck extended with maple wings to create the full body size.
Finish Gloss Midnight Blue finish – one of four basses made with this specific colour. Two more Midnight Blue basses have satin finishes. Excellent condition.
Hardware/electronics All original, with ‘Toaster Top’ pickup at the neck and reissue horseshoe pickup at the bridge. Pickup selector switch, individual volume and tone controls. Bridge has the built-in mute. Schaller tuners. Note that the truss rod cover and Rickenbacker logo follow the ‘reverse’ feel of the headstock – the shape and curves mirror later models.

Click here to visit the Rickenbacker site’s page for the 4001 wiring diagram

Playability/Action Plays very well.
Case Original silver-colour hardshell case included.

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