Miller Coodercaster – Audio Samples by James Robertson SOLD


Alastair Miller’s latest hand-made creation, the Miller Coodercaster, screams “MOJO!” from top to bottom.  A great selection of vintage hardware and electronics are paired beautifully with Millar’s own Bocote neck and hand-wound pickup to create a guitar that feels just familiar enough, yet still stands out from the crowd.

Here are some audio samples of the guitar being played by James Robertson (bio at the bottom of the post)




Serial Number ELT 136
Pricing $2699 w/ tweed hardshell case
Neck Bocote neck with full “C” profile.
Body Swamp Ash body.
Finish Ultra-thin Nitro finish with slight lacquer checking.
Hardware/electronics 60’s Supro lap steel bridge pickup, 60’s Teisco middle pickup, hand-wound Miller neck pickup. Vintage brass saddle Tele bridge, vintage tuners, bone nut, 3-way selector switch.


James Robertson Bio

Toronto’s James Robertson is best known as the guitarist in New Country Rehab and Run With The Kittens. His playing combines well-honed technical prowess with lyrical phrasing and creative melodic and harmonic ideas. Armed with a cupboard full of effect pedals and his Alastair Miller Barncaster and acoustic, James is a guitarist who likes to surprise, able to turn on a dime from beautiful emotive melodies to crunching, distorted syncopations. He also leads two acclaimed instrumental groups, Elvis Bossa Nova! and Spy vs Spy vs Sly.