National Triolian Tricone 12-Fret 2011 (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here’s a find – a National Triolian Tricone, 12-fret neck, from 2010 in excellent condition. The Triolian was historically always a 12-frret model, but National now makes it in 14-fret (and baritone!) models too.This example from 2010 is in great shape with only a few small scuffs on an edge or two. A very good deal for an outstanding instrument!
Serial Number 15691 – 002, built 2010
Pricing $1445.00 CAD including case. SOLD
Neck Mahogany neck with bound ebony fingerboard.
Frets 12 frets to the body, 19 in total.
Body Steel Tricone style body.
Finish Brown shaded finish in very good condition.
Hardware/electronics Alll original nickel hardware.
Playability/Action Plays well; set up for slide as most instruments of this type are, so there’s a balance between slide clarity and fret-ability.
Case Case included.

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