Olympic White 1970 Fender Stratocaster (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here we have an Olympic White 1970 Fender Stratocaster in almost completely original condition. It’s been played a lot over the years, so the strings have been changed but aside from that, all the parts look stock. It has not been refretted, so predictably there is a significant amount of fretwear. The trem springs are tightened down so the bridge doesn’t move, but they provide a very pleasant reverb effect.

During the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s, Fender used a colour they called ‘Olympic White’. One of the most visible examples of guitars with this finish was the 1968 model used by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Over the years, these white finishes fade and yellow due to photoreactivity and things like nicotine, with the result that it’s now a creamy yellow.

Serial Number 292557, built at the Fender plant in in Fullerton, California, USA.
Pricing $7,500.00 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and no ‘skunk’ stripe. Truss rod adjuster is at the body end (with only very slight damage to the pickguard).
Frets Original frets with lots of wear.
Body Classic contoured Fender Strat body, likely Alder.
Finish Original white finish in decent shape, now yellowed. Lots of normal checking and wear on the contour.
Hardware/electronics Appears to be entirely original. F-stamp tuners and serial plate, 3-ply white/black/white pickguard, white pickup covers and control knobs and switch tip, stamped steel saddles. Pickups have grey bases with partial number, 1420.
Playability/Action This guitar has been played a lot since 1970, and while it’s original, there’s a lot of fretwear. If the intention is to use it as a performing or recording instrument, a refret would be very helpful.
Case Original case included.

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