OME Vintage Jubilee Open Back Frailing Banjo 2010 SOLD

Serial Number 5368, built 2010
Pricing $1250 CAD with arched TKL case. SOLD
Neck Curly Maple neck with unbound ebony fingerboard, frailing scoop. Planetary inlays in mother of pearl and abalone. This is a Deluxe model – the standard model has a mahogany neck.
Frets Minimal fret wear.
Body Wood tone ring, 12″ pot.
Finish Tung oil finish.
Hardware/electronics H & H tuners, capo tacks installed.
Playability/Action Plays well as is and we will naturally set it up to the needs of the player.
Case Arched TKL case included.
Comments Here’s an excellent-condition OME frailing banjo. It’s ready to go for the summer. OME Banjos are built in Boulder, Colorado

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