Orpheum No.3 Round-hole Archtop 1932 SOLD

Serial Number N/A
Pricing $1999.99 CDN with case. SOLD
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard, four pearl dot markers, rosewood peghead overlay and pearl logo. Pronounced V-profile. Neck is built of two pieces of mahogany with a center rosewood stiffener.
Frets 14 original bar frets to the body, very little wear.
Body Mahogany back and sides, X-braced spruce top. Binding around top and back.
Finish Clear lacquer finish throughout.
Hardware/electronics 3-per side nickel-pated strip tuners with white buttons, bakelite pickguard, nickel-plated tailpiece. Bone nut, and bridge is rosewood with bone saddle.
Playability/Action This guitar is strung with light strings and plays well. It predates the introduction of adjustable truss rods, so the neck is a bit thicker, yet not too big.
Case Case included.
Comments Round-hole archtops like the Orpheum No.3 appeared during the 20’s and by the mid 1930’s had been almost completely replaced by F-hole archtops or round-hole flat-tops. A round-hole archtop makes an appearance in the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup, used by Groucho in a canoe for a variety of purposes. 

This example also has original bar frets; fretwire changed not much later to the modern tang-and-bead design still in use.

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