PRS CE 22 1998 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… 8 CE19013 circa 1998
Description:… Originally introduced in 1988 the bolt on version of the popular Custom series features a
mahogany body with maple cap and Dragon 2 pickups. This example is in good overall shape with the wear
and tear being purely cosmetic. Like with most PRS guitars this one plays like butter and the double
cutaway gives great access to the upper frets. The Dragon 2 pickups have a nice crunch and sustain perfect
for almost any gig I can think of!
Neck:… Bolt on 22 fret maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 1 11/16″ nut width, wide fat neck profile, one
small dent in back of the neck.
Frets:… Medium wear for first 7 frets on high g, b and e strings.
Body:… Double cutaway body with maple cap.
Finish:… Black high gloss finish with medium play wear, some pick scratches and small dents, finish chipped
off near the strap button on the bass side horn and finish cracks near the neck joint treble side cutaway.
Hardware/electronics:… Dragon 2 pickups, PRS trem, PRS locking tuners, five way rotary pickup selector.
Playability/Action:… Great playability with current action at 5/64″ bass side to 4.5/64″ treble side.
Case:… Original hardshell case.
Pricing:… $1099.00 Canadian Dollars (approx. $1066. US as of Oct 25/10) REDUCED