Rickenbacker 360/12 C63 2010 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number 10 39370, built in the 39th week (between September 26th and October 2th) of 2010, in Santa Ana, California.
Pricing $2599.99 CAD with case. SOLD
Neck Maple / Walnut neck with bound and laquered rosewood fingerboard; slash markers.
Frets Mimimal wear.
Body Maple body with white binding on top and back. This body style later becase the 330.
Finish Nitrocellulose lacquer Fire-Glo finish (cherry sunburst) in excellent condition.
Hardware/electronics Nickel plated Toaster-top pickups, Kluson type tuners, original release vintage style (non-R) tailpiece. Wired for mono and Rick-O-Sound. Six-section bridge and split-level white plexiglass pickguards.
Playability/Action Plays very well indeed!
Case Original case included.
Comments The 360/12 C63 is a reproduction of the first Rickenbacker 12-string presented to George Harrison in 1963. You may recall seeing that guitar on the ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ LP jacket! Later, this body shape became the 330 and the 360 gained the rounder shape that it currently has. It uses the characteristic Rickenbacker 12-string arrangement, where the octave strings are on the ‘inside’ so that they don’t get pick emphasis as is the case on most other 12-strings. This example from 2010 is in excellent shape and is just a wonderful guitar.

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