Schertler David Amp and Pub 280 Active Loudspeaker SOLD OUT

Ask most of the guys in our shop what their personal favourite acoustic amp is and the answer would be the Schertler David. With clear harmonics, strong and controlled bass response this powerful and portable amp flat out sounds great! So what happens when your playing a bigger room and you need more of that great sound or you just love the sound of more speakers? Enter the Pub 280 Active Loudspeaker. This active loudspeaker is driven by two built in amplifiers and delivers 118db of clean accurate sound making it the ideal solution for a variety of sound reinforcement needs.


Schertler David

* Bass Reflex 6″ Woofer / 1″ dome tweeter
* 80W RMS, Bi-amplified
* 40Hz to 22KHz frequency response
* 220Vac 50Hz or 115Vac 60Hz (manual switching)
* Spring Reverb
* 2 Indipendent channels
* 10V switchable phantom power on channel 1
* 48V switchable phantom power on channel 2
* ultra compact 9.5″x 11.5″ x 12.5″ enclosure size
* weighs 9 Kg or 22 pounds total weight
* Slip cover included

Pub 280 Active Loudspeaker

* 2 way Bass Reflex 8″ woofer/compression tweeter
* 200 watts + 80 watts continous RMS bi-amplified
* 28Hz to 22Khz frequency response
* Volume control
* 220Vac 50Hz or 115Vac 60Hz (manual switching)
* 390mm x 380mm x 265mm enclosure size
* 19.60Kg or 44lb
* Slip cover included